Good morning, 

If there had to be one thing that I absolutely love about social media, it has to be my mama community and woman empowerment. I love to share my journey from my angel babies, to my daily life to the life I always dreamed of, MOM LIFE. I do receive lots of support and positive feedback on my posts but I get a lot of questions regarding products or certain things I do with Selena. I share everything that works for me and my children, and its all from learning experiences. As a mama you learn as you go and to be honest sometimes that means looking up youtube videos. Well I finally did it, I finally made a youtube video haha..yes it was tough but its up. I am not perfect, I am not an expert but I hope that the little things that have helped me will help other mamas as well. 

Please let me know your thoughts, and also any other videos you would like to see.

Thank you in advance...


Yours Truly.


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