Selena, La Reina

20 years ago I laid in my dads arms crying, I clearly remember it all, my mom was ironing while my dad and I laid on the bed watching her funeral. 

Selena was the reason for my bell bottom obsession, my nana would make all my outfits, with huge bell bottoms and crop tops. Not to mention her big hoop earrings. Even though my mom never allowed me to wear them!

She was the reason I wanted a horse and carriage at some point in my life, I wanted to feel like her, like a "Reina" (queen)

She was the reason my parents bought me my first karaoke machine with her karaoke cd. I knew all her songs by heart. Till this day, I can't watch her movie without keeping my mouth shut, ask my husband lol...

Selena, you were my first idol, my first obsession with your albums, you taught me the beauty of being a LATINA and most of all the importance of making a difference in this crazy world! You and your music will live forever...

You and your music will live forever <3

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