This past year has been a busy one for sure. Its crazy how caught up you get with life that you put things on the back burner and don't realize how far you could have been if you would would have dedicated that little bit of time here and there to whatever it is that you were trying to accomplish. Everyday I would tell myself, I need to get back up and running with my blog, I need to design some new things for my store, but it never failed that my laziness would overpower my desires. 

Most of you follow me on social media and most likely already know that I had my second Rainbow in August. GRACIAS A DIOS, our Leo Andres Trejo made his grand entrance on August 17, 2019. Its still surreal to me, so surreal to know I am a mommy to two precious rainbows, rainbows that Doctors once told me would not be possible. Postpartum has hit a little harder this time around. Of course I will be sharing that journey with you all in a separate post because thats a whole different disscusion but none the less its been a struggle. Being a mommy of two under three is tough, its non stop and hardly any time to yourself. Its patience, running on little sleep, and lots and lots of coffee, oh and water of course. Nursing has been completely different this time around, so much harder and less milk than I experienced with Selena. 

Selena turned three this year, became a big sister and started school all at the same time. She has taken on a lot and done such a great job with transitioning into it all. 

I can't lie that so many emotions run through my head. I want to be the best mom I can be as well as the best wife and somewhere in between that give my mind some self care cause thats so important. But as a mama you get so caught up with it all, and leave self care for last, its just part of being a mama. I wouldn't change it for the world though. 

Ive been off of work for couple of months now and each month I say that I have to mentally prepare myself to go back to work, but man is it hard. So hard to leave my babies and leave them under someone else care. Its times like this that you get that mom guilt. Do you chose to leave your children and work to live a life that you dream of, or do you put that on hold and just stay home with you babies. Its a daily struggle and as I type this I have huge knot in my throat, with tears running down my face. I 

Within the last couple of weeks I have met up some mommy bloggers and had some dates. It has been such a pleasure to meet mommies from Southern California to share our struggles and accomplishments. 

I have big goals and dreams for this site and I hope that at the right time they all come to life. In the mean time I will continue to keep you up to speed with my crazy life and hope that it touches or motivates someone. 

For all you mamas, I admire each of you, Motherhood is HARD real HARD and it takes a village to raise our babies. Hang in there, keep doing what you are doing cause you're doing an amazing job. 

More posts to follow for sure. So much to talk about and catch up on. 



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