Never Give Up

So crazy that it has been exactly a year since I posted my last blog. Just wanted to come on here and type a bit. I have to be completely honest, I felt like this was just a phase and that maybe I was passed it. I felt that I wouldn’t be able to create any content that would seem interesting anymore. I was at a point of deleting the website, but kept it up for some reason. I prayed about it, and always wondered if this blog and these shirts would continue to make a difference in womans lives.

I started reading “Girl Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis and it lighted a little spark in me to keep going with this. As a mom its so hard to juggle work life, mom life, wife life, etc.  but I also learned while reading this book that those were just my excuses. When you set your heart on something, you will make it happen no matter what. I later watched “Made For More” by Rachel Hollis on Amazon Prime, if you have not watched it I strongly encourage you do. It has motivated me in so many ways that it really triggered me to not give up on this site and left me with a sweet reminder that if you are going to do something, to do it with all of your heart. After watching this and engaging in deep prayer for guidance day after day, I received an alert from my site, another order! Wow, there was my sign, to not give up! These shirts are still known and wanted for mommas. This shirts will continue to make some type of difference and I cant give up just like that because I thought it would be just a phase.

I hope that this site and these shirts continue to remind you ladies that you are truly invincible. I hope that you realize that being a mom takes super powers and that you are doing an amazing job at it. To all my single mommas, special need mommas, boy mommas, girl mommas, angel mommas, stay at home mommas, etc. I admire you all and never forget how amazing you are, never forget that you didn’t come this far to only make it this far. Remember that whatever you have set in your heart to fight for it, don’t settle with just being ok.

Keep Killing it Mommas!


Yours Truly


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