Malakai Trejo

2014 was “OUR YEAR” or so that’s what we thought.  9 months after Jeremiah gained his wings we were stoked to find out we expecting a blessing once again.  Little did we know that our blessing was our warrior. Our warrior by the name of Malakai…

After being sent to high risk, we received the horrifying news that there was something wrong with Malakai, he was not progressing as he should. After my husband and I went through many tests, and everything came back good, Malakai was diagnosed with a Genetic mutation. Of course we were new to all of this and had no idea how a genetic mutation was even caused, again all out of our control. Malakai was diagnosed with Achondrogenisis, a scientific term for a lethal form of Skeletal dysplasia or  dwarfism.  Dwarfisim, really? How does this even happen?  This happens to 1 in every 435,000 births…why me? All unanswered questions till this day. We kept holding onto hope knowing that there are many successful “little people”. After many doctor visits they saw no progression, but his heart kept beating strong. Malakai’s bones eventually stopped growing, causing his lungs to not develop properly. Every doctor appointment we were warned that at some point Malakai’s heart would stop beating and that we had to be prepared. How in the world could we get through this, after losing our first son we now had to go through this all over again.  We had to open up the wounds once again, we had to deal with our heart breaking even more. We lived our entire pregnancy holding onto faith, praying hand in hand every night, and wiping each other’s tears.  With a combination of faith and numb to any other problems that arose in our lives, we were determined to live our pregnancy to the fullest, to give Malakai all the love and attention he deserved while he was living in my womb.

Malakai was an active little dude, those little legs were so strong just like his heart. He decided to make his grand entrance into this crazy world on September 8th 2014.  Just like his brother, I went into labor and a Sunday morning, and they were both born on the 8th on a Monday. We were able to see Malakai’s eyes open, and close once he gained his wings. As Malakai was laying on my chest, I could feel him struggling to breath, trying hard to gasp for air.  Malakai took his last breath in my arms. What I would give for him to be here with us. Feeling and seeing him take his lasts breaths kill me. Our warrior fought for his life for 8 months in my womb, and fought till the last moments of his life here on earth. I know that we could have given him the world, but reality is, he received heaven instead.

My boys are in heaven watching over us, that I am sure of. They are flying high with no worries, no pain, no struggles. They knew nothing but love, that’s all we gave them while they were living in my womb. Im satisfied knowing that they knew nothing but love.

We live life to the fullest in their honor, we live to make them proud. There have been times when  I stumble or fall but I never fail to get back up and keep going, because they are my  motivation. I made both of them a promise, I promised that their name would live forever, and that’s a promise that I keep everyday. My boys along with the man up above have made me who I am today, I AM INVINCIBLE and for that I forever grateful. As long as I have someone in heaven to protect me, there is no one on earth who can break me! I hold my title strong, I am 1 in every four woman, I am 1 in every 435,000, I am still standing.

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