I hold the crown as a Wife, Step Mommy & Angel Mommy

Welcome to my world, allow me to briefly introduce myself. I happily became Mrs. Trejo summer of July 2012, within a blink of an eye a became a wife and a step mommy. Becoming a step mommy was not easy, I will never forget the words "you knew what you were getting yourself into" truth is, YOU DONT!

Being a step mom is accepting the role wrongly defined by society, its falling into the stereotypes that you will have live with forever. Its being courageous to falling in love not only with your soul-mate but their child as well. It's opening your heart to this child, caring for them, and placing their needs before yours. Its knowing that you will never get the credit you deserve, putting your ego aside and being the bigger person. It's supporting your other half through thick and thin.

November 2012 I became pregnant with my first born, and we began house shopping. I was beyond excited, everything was falling into place as I had planned. Reality is, I was living life on my time, living off my plans, my dreams, my agenda, it wasn't until I hit rock bottom that I realized, life doesn't revolve around my time, it's all up to the big man up above.  I am not only a step mommy to a 10 year old handsome boy, but a mother of two angels, Jeremiah Mattix Trejo, who gained his wings April 8th, 2013 and Malakai Trejo, who fought for his life, and gained his wings, September 8th, 2014.  

There is no greater pain than hearing your baby boy has no heart beat, there is no greater pain than seeing your baby boy take his last breath, and there is no greater pain than to have to visit a mortuary after leaving the hospital.  In high school I wrote a quote that said, "Her smile hides it all" how ironic that this quote now fits my life perfectly. Life will knock you down many times, and as many times as it knocks you down you have to stand up and keep fighting. I owe my smile to God, my boys, my one of a kind husband, my family, and the immense support from my friends. My husband and I made a promise to our boys, we will live our life in honor of them, we will keep their names alive, and we will make them proud. 

Faith has brought me this far, I'm here to share my story, I'm here to break the silence of Still birth and infant loss....I am #StillStanding  "I am clothed with strength and dignity..." I am happily living life through faith, with my loving husband, amazing son who didn't grow under my heart but into my heart, and with my boys flying along our sides!


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