Happy Birthday Jeremiah

As hard as it was to get out of bed, your daddy left me a gift with a note reminding me how special today is. As much as I wanted to stay curled in bed, crying my eyes out I knew that's not what you wanted. We made a promise and that was to keep your name alive for as long as we live.

Today we celebrate your life, we celebrate all the joy you brought us while you were here. All the love you allowed us to share and all the tears we shed the day you left us. It's been two years since you gained your wings and I can't say that it's been easier, but daddy and I are satisfied knowing that you and your brother are with us every step we take. I hope you had an amazing birthday in paradise baby boy. I look forward to seeing your signs you always leave us although I think today you were probably having to much fun :) 

We miss you so much and not one day goes by that we don’t think about you, what you’re doing, how much you’re growing and simply everything about your everyday life.

 Today was beautiful, I love knowing that everything we did today was for you! I think our smiles say it all...and I'm sure you saw that for yourself! Happy Birthday J.Mattix, we love you! 


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