Feliz dia de las madres

Feliz Dia de las Madres! I can’t believe this day is finally here. I have dreamed of this day, a day that I get to celebrate with all the special Mommas. My husband has never failed to celebrate mother’s day for me, since day one he has always made sure to make mother’s day special. Before having my own children he celebrated me for being a step mommy, I will never forget that first celebration, where they didn’t know what color purse I wanted so they bought me both. We always celebrate on a different day since we don’t have Jay on Mother’s Day, and it never fails that I get a craft made from little Jay. Then our boys came along, while being pregnant all I could think about were holidays and vacations with them, however God had a different plan. I now celebrated bereaved mother’s day. I must admit that it’s tough, I mean we have our own mother’s day but a piece of me always felt left out. I felt like I wasn’t worthy enough to celebrate the real MOTHERS DAY, I always saw it as I had to celebrate on a different day since my boys weren’t physically with me and Jacob wasn’t my blood. However, Beareved Mothers Day was a reminder to me, a reminder of how much each of us angel mommies have overcome, depression, judgement, living with broken dreams and a broken heart. It was a reminder of how far we have come and how much we have grown. I feel that being a mother to angels has made me grow so much physically, mentally and most important spiritually. Last night, Selena was up more than usual, while nursing I began to think about how much my life has changed. How Selena is my dream come true and how amazing our God is. I just thought, I remember being so grumpy if I didn’t get my 8 hours of sleep before. Now I get very little sleep but I love every minute of it, sure I’m tired and sure I probably have to go out to the store and buy some concealer, something I’ve never done before. But, I couldn’t be any happier. I have dreamed of this, I want to be that mom that my mom is, and that nana that my nana is. My mom is seriously my idol, I wish to someday be half the woman she is. I don’t know how she fits so much in a day, she’s the first one to get up every morning and the last one to go to sleep. She has everyone’s clothes ironed and lunches are packed. Not to mention, her house smells like bleach and fabuloso befreo she goes to bed. She’s my motivation, and I hope that I make Selena proud just like my mom makes me proud. I do lack on my house smelling like bleach and fabuloso, but I will get there someday.  Feliz Dia De Las Madres a todas mis Mamacitas, to all the mommies putting their children and family before them, that hustle hard at work and still come home to hustle some more, to all my single mommies that do it all on their own, cause we all know it takes a village to raise our children, and I honestly would be going crazy without my husband’s support. To all my mommies always holding it down, I SALUTE YOU! Feliz Dia and and Early Happy Mothers Day, to all other mommies that celebrate this Sunday.


Always Yours Truly.





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