Breaking The Silence




Every morning while driving to work I pray for all families going through this rough road and all babies gaining their wings. This road is not easy, my husband and I have lived it more than once, but I guarantee you that having FAITH  will help you 1000 times more.  

Keep your babies names alive, share their name,  it's our jobs as parents to protect our babies names and make them live forever. Live for your babies, look for signs, and show them how happy you can be knowing that you are their mommy!

There is a rainbow waiting for us ladies, learn to dance in the rain, while your angels guide you.  Smile everyday in honor of them.

I invite all mommies to share their stories, BREAK THE SILENCE....You are not a statistic, you are the chosen one, remember that God gives his TOUGHEST battles to his STRONGEST soldiers! STAND UP PROUD ANGEL PARENTS!! 

Feel free to share your babies name, your story...and let it live forever! 

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