A Hero With No Cape

As we celebrate Jeremiah's birthday, I cant help to think of everything we have been through. I woke up yesterday morning with tears in my eyes knowing that this was the second year we had to celebrate our sons birthday without him here. Not only that, but my husband had gone into work early so I couldn't reach over to cry in his arms. Little did I know that he had left a gift for me with a beautiful note, a note reminding me of our promise to Jeremiah, and to turn my tears of sadness into tears of joy. Everyday I pray for this man, and everyday I thank God for him.

I am honored to call my best friend, my husband. Yesterday marked two years since both of our hearts shattered into pieces when we were told our son had no heart beat. Two years of picking up the pieces of our broken hearts, leaving the hospital empty handed, visiting a mortuary, and taking Jeremiah's ashes home with us. Two years that we have lived everyday in honor of our boys Jeremiah and Malakai.  He has picked me up and lifted me higher than I ever imagined. He has sat as the side of my hospital bed, wiped my tears, fed me,  prayed with me, and has never failed to put me first making sure I am always ok.  My husband fulfilled my dream wedding, has traveled with me like I've always wanted, tried food he never thought he would, held my hair back when I was puking from drinking too much on our first date lol, and treats me like a queen everyday.  

My husband is that man, that will wake up early every morning making sure my lunch is packed, Jays lunch is packed, loaded with snacks and lots of love. That selfish man that will spoil his wife and children before himself, making sure we have a smile on our face everyday. That man that is super tired from early gym sessions, long work days, and still manages to come home play outside with his son, check his homework and chit chat with his wife about her lame work drama.

I look back at our love story, and I swear that it's my all time favorite. I hate the saying "everything happens for a reason", because in reality there is no reason for any parent to live without their children. But I love knowing that God has a plan, and his plan for us is perfect, he crossed our paths for a reason. Our boys have made our love INDESTRUCTIBLE, we have gone through the worse and came back stronger than ever. I love knowing that as long as we have our boys in heaven to protect us there is NO ONE on earth who can break us.

Jacob, Thank you for being my rock, the foundation to our family, a hero to our boys, and the best husband any wife could ever ask for. Two years ago, you decided to put all pain aside, pick up your broken heart and live life for your family. I admire your everyday strength, will, and smile. I admire everything that you are, daddy, husband, son, brother, tio, nino, friend etc! I want you to know that your hard work never goes unnoticed, Keep making our boys proud, know that you will forever be my sweet escape...and remember that without your motivation, there would me no Invincible Mommy <3 

"There's a hero
If you look inside your heart
You don't have to be afraid
Of what you are
There's an answer
If you reach into your soul
And the sorrow that you know
Will melt away" - Mariah Carey



Always your ride or die...

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