WOW!! I can not get over how I'm feeling right now. I would like to thank you all for the insane amount of love and support I have been receiving these past couple of days. It seriously means the world to me. I'm in disbelief with the orders already received, even though I know I shouldn't. You see, when it was set in my heart to start these shirts it was like God had whispered in my ear to do this, to spread the word of his promises. That walking by faith will lead you to places you never imagined. That although nothing was going as I planned or how I dreamed of it I still held onto that faith and gave it to God. I'm not here to give my testimony as most of you already know my story, I'm here to remind you of how amazing our God is, and how promising he is. I had it set in my heart to inspire and help woman embrace a heartache that almost seems impossible to overcome. I prayed every morning while being pregnant with Selena that I would be filled with the wisdom needed to express the correct words every woman who reached out to me.  I continue to pray for the same in hopes of continuing to help and comfort those woman with Gods word. 

Invincible mommy has been in the works since 2013, it has grown so much on me that I wanted to share it with all women! Becoming a mom has changed me view in life in so many ways.  Every mother is INVINCIBLE, they have over come obstacles that they never imagined, they have sacrificed  things in life for others,  they have put themselves in the most uncomfortable positions to make others happy, they have cried in the shower countless times and came out with a smile, they have picked up the broken pieces to their heart and continued on with their day. It's that single mother that does it all on her own, it's that full time working mom that comes home and continues her full time duties at work and goes to bed passed midnight, it's that mother that prays every night before going to bed asking God for their miracle baby. It's that mother that is left with no hope but continues to have faith.

My hopes are that these shirts bring you joy, pride, honor, but most of FAITH! Know that whatever it is that is set in your heart, HE HEARS YOU! His timing is perfect, I promise you that. Wear these shirts and remember who you are, who you were and who you are meant to be. 

I thank you all for your support, you are supporting a dream, you are supporting a cause and best of all you are supporting a promise. THANK YOU!


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Yours Truly

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